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tyre pyrolysis -the Conditions for Access of Waste TIres Comprehensive Utilization Industry 2020

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC Announcement  #21, 2020

In order to promote the comprehensive utilization of waste tires and guide the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, the Regulations on the Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Tires (2020 version) and the Interim Measures on the Announcement of the Industrial Regulations on the Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Tires (2020 version) are hereby promulgated.


Enterprises should do:

1,Adopt new technologies and new processes off energy-saving, environmental protection, clean, efficient and intelligent way. 

2, Choose production equipment and auxiliary facilities with high automation efficiency, reasonable energy consumption index, nice sealing, low emission of polluting products, essential safety and high comprehensive utilization rat of resources.

3,Adopt advanced quality testing equipment.

4,Use continuous automatic thermal pyrolysis plant


Energy consumption requirements:

1.The comprehensive energy consumption of pyrolysis treatment is less than 200 KWH/t, among which shredding process is less than 120 KWH/t, pyrolysis process is less than 80 KWH/t.

2.The flue gas emission of pyrolysis equipment should meet the requirements of Emission Standard of Pollutants from Petrochemical Industry and Emission Standard for Odor Pollutants.Strictly manage the utilization and disposal of pyrolysis oil and carbon black to prevent pollution transfer or secondary pollution.


Quality of final products:

The quality of pyrolysis products should meet the corresponding national and industrial standards such as Carbon Black from Pyrolysis of Waste Tires.The conditions of this code shall be implemented as of June 1st, 2020, and Conditions for access to the tyre retreading industry and the Conditions for Access of Waste TIres Comprehensive Utilization Industry (announced by the ministry of industry and information technology, PRC no. 32 in 2012) shall be abolished simultaneously.

By Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

May 7th, 2020

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