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Industrial Oily Sludge Treatment Equipment Project

Oily sludge occurs when drilling oil field, the oil content is generally about 15%, although the water content is high, but the viscosity is small, before 200℃ or so easy to become lumps, continue to heat up can be dispersed after drying;The general use of ordinary Q245R boiler steel rotary furnace can meet the requirements of drying and simple distillation of light components, but complete realization of oil-free (3‰) is not possible.

In view of the actual situation of oil sludge, 310 heat-resistant stainless steel is the most ideal in the process of high temperature distillation and carbonization, which can work above 700℃ for a long time.At this temperature, the oil content can be ensured below 3‰ under the condition of high efficiency and rapid distillation and carbonization.

Due to the oil slime containing water and oil, high oil content and high viscosity, there will be two situations during pyrolysis in the reactor. One is when the part adheres to the inner wall. If the oil content is very high, thick coke will constantly form in the inner wall of the reactor when the oil content is above 350℃, and heat transfer in the reactor is difficult in serious cases.Second, because of the high viscosity, the early stage is bound to form a large glop, resulting in extremely difficult dispersion in the reactor, heat uneven.

In view of the problems such as oil sludge and other materials with high viscosity, easy adhesion, easy formation and easy coking, which are not conducive to pyrolysis and carbonization, and seriously affect the normal operation and production efficiency, the choice of "energy ball cycle to participate in continuous pyrolysis of materials" can successfully solve this long-term perplexing problem.The advantage of this technological innovation lies in giving full play to the three functions of the energy ball:

Make waste no waste any more.

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