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Oilfield Sludge Treatment Project Plant

Hunan Benji Environmental Energy Technology Co., Ltd. developed and produced "energy ball" pyrolysis + incineration double reactors technology, composed of multiple reactors, is one of our company's unique patents and proprietary technology products, currently has a strong advantage and position in the domestic market, belongs to the domestic initiative.The oil sludge is highly mixed and dispersed through the energy ball in the multi-return reactor, and the oil sludge gradually moves forward and diffuses through its own guidance.The sludge not only absorbs the heat in the reactor, but also absorbs the heat energy from the energy ball, which promotes the rapid vaporization of water and gradually forms a drying process.In the process of oxygen-rich medium temperature drying and cracking, some organic cracking gases may form a short combustion at the inner reactor, and the remaining dry materials will enter the outer reactor again.Under the action of heat energy utilization, the material moves backward to form a gradual drying process, reducing the oil content to less than 10‰. Finally, the energy ball is separated from the oil and mud from the separation screen section at the end of the outer reactor. The energy ball is mixed and dispersed with the newly entered oil and mud by the automatic lifting device, and the cycle continues.The drier sludge is transported to the incineration and pyrolysis furnace by the slag-discharging device.The oil content was reduced to less than 3‰ in the incinerator.Finally, the slag material is discharged from the slag discharger to the designated position for standby.

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