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Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant 20TPD

Advanced Hierarchic Pyrolysis Technology Dioxins are 1,000 times more toxic than arsenic. Dioxins are formed when plastic containing chloride, such as PVC occurs at 280-800 degrees Celsius.We just have to convert it before 280 degrees Celsius so that the dioxins can't be produced, and then it's safe and environmentally friendly to heat again and pyrolysis. Now whether all kinds of external rotary reactor or all kinds of single reactor can not solve the technical problem.Because the temperature in a single reactor is basically uniform, that is, the temperature should reach 400-550 degrees Celsius before pyrolysis, in other words, the reactor can not pyrolysis without reaching to this temperature.However,it is the best condition for the synthesis of dioxins in large quantities in 400 -- 550 degrees Celsius. The company of "modular" combination of continuous reactors system could solve this big problem because each device is separated (but in series connected to each other), With #1 and #2 reactor under 280 degrees Celsius, and add catalyst to chloride, completely break the dioxin generation condition, so it will be very safe and environmental friendly to continuous pyrolysis processing in reactors.

Flexible Capacity with “Modular” Connection System The main feature of the technology is that the main pyrolysis system has a "modular" structure, like a building block, that can be assembled freely.According to the production needs, series reactors can be combined to meet the requirement of the production scale.That is to say, if the scale is small, the pyrolysis connection needs less units. But if need larger scale, just need to increase more units.By connecting unit in series, one production line can achieve the scale of 5 tons to 100 tons.It needs only one feeder,slag discharge and cooling system even if with capacity of 100TPD,in which can greatly save room and investment, reduce the operation link, save manpower.It completely solved the problem of production lines demands if capacity exceeds 10TPD. The biggest benefit is: the designed scale can be carried out in stages, less u n i t s i n s t a l l e d f i r s t l y , a n d t h e n g r a d u a l l y i n c r e a s e t h e p r o d u c t i o n capacity;Equipment can be deployed and capacity increased at any time with enough room reserved only.This horizontal, modular structure allows investors to flexibly determine the scale of production according to economic strength, and also promise continuous processing in every minute,day and night,day by day.

Safety and Longer Shelf Life of System The whole process system runs in completely closed with only one small diameter precision and highly sealed transmission device moving.A good solution to many leakages which may lead safety hazards in production. Safety is life, safety is benefit! With external rotary and internal static structure, feeding entrance and slag discharge does not need to maintain concentricity with the reactors, nor need to maintain a vertical fixed Angle.Because the external of reactor does not rotate, so the reactors could use for much longer time.System shelf life will extend highly.

Make waste no waste any more.

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