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Functional Electromagnetic Pyrolysis Plant

Electromagnetic Heating Full Auto Continuous Pyrolysis Refining Technology and Equipment-Scrap Tyre/Waste Plastic/Used Engine Oil


No Emissions, No Pollution, High Energy Saving Electromagnetic Heating Technology

1、 The patented inventor of our company grandly introduces the new electromagnetic heating technology.

Electromagnetic induction heating is a mature and advanced heating technology.The principle of heating is: through advanced circuit system, high-density magnetic field lines are generated in the induction coil wrapped outside the metal equipment, and a high-energy intermediate frequency magnetic field is formed inside the metal, which promotes the free electrons of the metal to collide with each other at high speed in the metal body with resistance, so as to increase the metal temperature rapidly.Medium frequency electromagnetic induction heating plays an important role in our industry and daily life with many advantages such as high thermal efficiency, fast heating, energy saving, safety and reliability.

Tires , plastic basic raw materials such as the material with the petroleum extraction by the chemical reaction and processed . Oil refining its principle is to take the catalytic pyrolysis method , high temperature condition in the special catalytic pyrolysis agent role , make macromolecular broken chains cracking for small molecules . These small molecules of the C5H12-C11H24 etc is gasoline components ; C12H26-C20H42 for diesel components .


The basic raw materials in the refining process route when gasoline , diesel only through the different evaporation temperature period can get different densities . Cracking the liquid after about 10% -30%gasoline components for similar light , after adjustment can reach 90-93 gasoline standards ; About 70-%90% of the components for similar diesel , after a can achieve 0 # , -15 # , -# 20 diesel demand , they can be as industrial and civil use gasoline , diesel , even as power oil .  The specific process route :

the feasibility of waste oil refining

Oil is the separation of petroleum refining a line oil, the second line, three line oil known as base oil as the basic raw material processed by the harmonic.Molecular weight average at around 280.Waste oil refining its principle is to take the catalytic pyrolysis method, under the condition of high temperature by the special catalytic cracking effect, make the molecular chain scission cracking.These molecules C5H12 - C11H24 is gasoline components such as;C12H26 - C20H42 as diesel components.

Processing Flow Chart


The advantages of the Electromagnetic heating

First, The heat is particularly rapid compared with the traditional heating way, time shortened by 3/2; Only in a few seconds, the temperature of the reactor can reach hundreds degrees Celsius, which promotes the feeder materials melting rapidly and no dead band.

Second, Accurate temperature control.Using computer intelligence operation and the original creation of heating distributors, by the logical operation, achieve to reasonable heating and partition.Supporting to design an accurate temperature, which will make reaction conditions more scientific, accurate, sensitive. Temperature deference will be controlled within several degrees.

Third, Heating is especially environmental friendly.Electromagnetic induction heating is a green technology with modern technology. Combining with advanced frequency conversion technology, it does not release any harmful gas, and completely free from fire, smoke and noise and no fuel waste discharge.

Fourth, Fast starting.Electromagnetic heating is characterized by sweep-frequency soft starting. Successful starting rate high,strong anti-interference ability,reliable operation, simple operation,only need to press button.

Fifth,Durable use, There is no corrosion of sulfur dioxide after reactor heated.The durable life of the reactor will be up to 8 years even in condition of action in high temperature,which is much more longer than other kinds reactors.

Sixth, Safe and hygienic operation. Due to electromagnetic induction principle,electromagnetic induction coil wont touch with heating metals directly. The temperature which system heat radiation to external approaches ambient temperature.  Only below 50 ℃, ambient temperature low in working environment good,human can touch,temperature

in workshop reduces significantly.

Seventh, Compact structure,area-saving,finance-saving, Basic feature of equipment structure:wrap an insulating material with induction coil on the reactor without large heavy heating boiler,making the system all compact,simple and beautiful. In addition,system have sensor control board and intelligent control cabinet.

Eighth,  The most important is energy saving. The use ratio of electromagnetic induction heat is highest in all heating method,up to 98%. Its NO.1 characteristic is unidirectional heat transfer. The induction coil only generate electromagnetic induction on the metal reactor inside and produces high heat. .The heat loss was almost zero. According to the calculation, the energy saving rate is above 40% and the highest is 60%.

During the production operation, as long as the material is put into the electromagnetic heating reactor, it can obtain high heat energy, rapidly heat the raw material, and undergo catalytic cracking, heat exchange and fine treatment,and finally obtain fuel oil or other by-products.The electromagnetic heating system is generally installed in the external of the reactor.But It actually can be installed on the outside of the preheating reactor or on the outside of the purity reactor.Its main function is to heat the reactor to replacement of coal, oil, gas and other heating methods.For investors, the original investment is higher than coal heating, because the this electromagnetic heating system costs more.But it has better environmental protection,more reliable production control and more energy saving (higher heat-transfer rate).It can be used alone or heated with fuel oil, coal, gas and other heating methods.

Production operation, quickly heating the raw material, and the catalytic cracking, heat transfer, refined processing, eventually get fuel oil or other by-products.All three, technical instructions electromagnetic heating system is generally installed in the reactor external use.It can set up on the outside of the preheating

The fifth part :Environmental Conservation of Plastic/Tyre/Waste Oil Pyrolysis Technology

(1) No dust.Main pyrolysis system operate in closed situation in production.That is to say safe operation in a totally closed equipment.


(2) Non-condensate gas(mainly C1-4)

We can use electromagnetic heating to pyrolysis without flame. The non-condensed gas recycled can transfer into heating system itself to support the continuous production.If there is a problem in the system, turn off the heater, the heating source can be cut off instantly to ensure the safety of the system.


(3) Double insurance secutiry device and alarm device are installed on the each key parts

The sisth part:Advanced multi-functional oil refining technology

1 can crack waste rubber into fuel oil

2 can turn waste machinery oil and waste lubricant into the standard diesel oil 

3 can refine the waste plastic into diesel and gasoline

4 can turn waste base oil, ground oil into diesel oil

5 can refine 180# 200# heavy oil and slag oil into diesel oil

6 can refine heavy wax oil into diesel oil

7 can turn coal tar into the fuel oil



Make waste no waste any more.

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