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Oily Sludge Treatment Pyrolysis Projectt Plant

Advanced Energy Saving Technology of Cycle Heating Internal and External

The basis of energy saving technology lies in:the fuel is directly heated in the "internal reactor",which can transfers heat energy equally to the reactor all around in 360 degree.The heating efficiency is two or three times more than the way of heating at the bottom of the reactor only.
Meanwhile, the material is distributed on the surface of the "internal reactor in 360 degrees ", with large area of heat absorption, and the heat energy is fully absorbed in the "internal reactor ".At the same time, the heat energy of the "internal reactor" is circulated to heating stove of "external reactor"  and heat to reactor.The heat energy is transmitted to the "material preheater" again after secondary utilization and then preheat materials.
Thrice use like this, especially both heat absorption and heat release evenly all around of internal reactor, heat utilization increases 3-4 times.

Advanced Continuous Operation Technology
Continuous production must be completed jointly in three basic links, namely uninterrupted feeding, continuous slag discharge and uninterrupted oil and gas discharge.In particular, continuous feeding and continuous slag discharge are two key technologies, which are the core technologies related to the real uninterrupted production.Because feeding can not be continuous if slag could not be discharged in time.Then it can not realize continuous running if without continuous slag discharge.
The key technology lies in our design of "automatic gas seal feeding, slag discharge method" which belongs to our company's proprietary and patented technology. Thus,in high temperature condition,feeding material can be push into reactor,then slag discharge out of reactor,meanwhile hydrocarbone can continuously fractionate out of the reactor to  achieve completely continuous production of feeding,slag discharge,oil producing in one production line,greatly improving the production efficiency and environmental protection effect.

Advanced Automatic Decoking Removal Technology
At present, the biggest problem for continuous production of rotary reactor is thick coke will be formed continuously when feeding materials are affected by high temperature in the reactor, which not only makes the reaction unable to proceed, but also damages the equipment quickly.The company invented a series of automatic decoking devices, such as"Plate decoking method";"Shoveling pushing decoking method";"Friction decoking method", etc,which can constantly remove the coke in the reactor to ensure the continuous reaction and greatly extend the life of the equipment, completely solve the problem of materials  viscous coking (especially plastic and liquid raw materials) in the running of reactor.

Advanced Environmental Pyrolysis Technology of Oilfield Sludge
Residue: Sludge residues are mainly composed of silt, silicate materials and some heavy metal ions, but also contain a small amount of oil and organic matter.The technical treatment measures are:slag discharged from reactor will be transfered directly into the special furnace (stainless steel) and burn through in around 1000 ℃ high temperature, ensure the final end ashing containing no organic matter, oil content is 0%, standared is not lower than national HJ607-2011 mineral oil recycling pollution control technical specifications for 0.3% of the indicators, with triple effect in addition to the heavy agent to subsequent removal of heavy metal ions in the residue, the final residue can meet the index requirment of  GB 15618-2008 of the Soil Environment Quality.

Environmental Protection and Safety
(1)No dust.Main pyrolysis system operate in closed situation (reactors) in production.
That is to say safe operation in a totally closed equipment.

(2)Non-condensate gas(mainly C1-4)
The non-condensed gas recycled can transfer into heating system itself to support the continuous production.If there is a problem in the system, turn off the heater, the heating source can be cut off instantly to ensure the safety of the system.

(3)Double insurance secutiry device and alarm device are installed on the each key parts.

Make waste no waste any more.

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